When Dwyane Wade’s Goggles Got Rejected By The NBA

Photo Credit: Kathy Willens/AP

When Dwyane Wade’s Goggles Got Rejected By The NBA


Dwyane Wade had to live with migraines for most of his career. Back in 2011 though, his migraines had gotten to a point to which Wade was looking for some relief, even on the court. This is why he started wearing glasses with an orange tint to protect his eyes from the bright lights.

The league though, rejected the tinted goggles that the All-Star planned to wear against the New York Knicks, saying they were too dark. NBA officials came to the conclusion that the goggles would give Wade an advantage by making it impossible for opposing players to see his eyes.

Eric Spoelstra, Wade’s coach at the time, also thought the reason was ridiculous and spoke to the media:


“Now there’s gogglegate… An unfair advantage by the opponent not being able to see your eyes. Tinted too much — like a car.”


Wade went on to play with goggles that weren’t as tinted, and the NBA gave its approval.


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