Bogdan Bogdanovic Was Fuming And Went At His Head Coach, Quin Snyder


During the Hawks’ 113-101 victory over the Chicago Bulls on Monday, tensions flared on the Atlanta Hawks’ bench as shooting guard Bogdan Bogdanovic engaged in a heated exchange with head coach Quin Snyder. 

With just over two minutes remaining in the game and Atlanta comfortably ahead, Bogdanovic tossed a water bottle onto the ground during a timeout. He then confronted Snyder, shouting and pointing fingers. Teammates had to intervene to separate them.



Post-game, Bogdanovic addressed the incident, emphasizing that such exchanges were commonplace between him and the coach.


“We are doing this almost every other minute, or we are verbally fighting all the time,” he explained. “That means we both care, and everyone cares.”


Snyder echoed these sentiments, praising Bogdanovic’s performance and emphasizing their positive relationship.


“He’s defending, which has been a point of pride for him,” Snyder said. “The night he had, he was as efficient as you can be.”


While the specific reason for the heated exchange remains unknown, both Bogdanovic and Snyder recognize that their competitive nature fuels these passionate moments. Rather than bottling up emotions, they express them openly, even if caught on camera during a game.

The Hawks’ victory secured their fifth win in the last six games, putting pressure on the Bulls for the ninth spot in the Eastern Conference standings. 

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