Derrick Rose Lied To The World, But Will Never Pay The Price

Derrick Rose Lied To The World, But Will Never Pay The Price


“It’s kind of like they were searching for something that wasn’t there. Cal and I talked numerous times about it, and he was telling me, just focus on your career, and I’ll take care of the rest and that was that.”


Derrick Rose failed the SATs three times in Chicago, while attempting to validate a score for himself that would have made him eligible to play basketball at Memphis. For his 4th try, he went to Detroit to take the test, but was seen at a Pistons playoff game with William Wesely, right after the test was over. Wesley, who is one of the biggest powerbrokers in the NBA, is based out of Detroit and he led Derrick Rose into John Calipari’s arms at Memphis.

But Derrick Rose never took his SAT, but had a friend write the exam under his name. When the results came back, they had the qualifying score Rose needed to being admitted to Memphis. He then led the Tigers to a 38 win season, all the way to the Finals, where they would end up losing to Kansas in the championship game. If you’ll take a look in the NCAA record books today though, you wouldn’t be able to find the 38 wins they had in their legendary 2007-2008 season, but find the number 0 in the collum next to wins, instead. The Tigers had to forfeit every single of their 38 wins because Derrick Rose cheated.

Rose kept quiet throughout the whole ordeal, and ended up leaving Memphis after his freshman year, to head to the NBA. He did not face any consequences, but his school paid the price.

He went on to become the first pick of the 2008 NBA Draft, quickly became an All-Star and the youngest MVP in NBA history, before losing his knees.

Derrick Rose is a cheater and liar who betrayed his school and fans, with zero regard for the consequences. Today, Rose is a role-model to millions around the globe, but has just gotten into this position because of his cheating.

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