Derrick Rose Lied To The World, But Will Never Pay The Price

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Derrick Rose Lied To The World, But Will Never Pay The Price


“It’s kind of like they were searching for something that wasn’t there. Cal and I talked numerous times about it, and he was telling me, just focus on your career, and I’ll take care of the rest and that was that.”


Derrick Rose failed the SATs three times in Chicago, while attempting to validate a score for himself that would have made him eligible to play basketball at Memphis. For his 4th try, he went to Detroit to take the test, but was seen at a Pistons playoff game with William Wesely, right after the test was over. Wesley, who is one of the biggest powerbrokers in the NBA, is based out of Detroit and he led Derrick Rose into John Calipari’s arms at Memphis.

But Derrick Rose never took his SAT, but had a friend write the exam under his name. When the results came back, they had the qualifying score Rose needed to being admitted to Memphis. He then led the Tigers to a 38 win season, all the way to the Finals, where they would end up losing to Kansas in the championship game. If you’ll take a look in the NCAA record books today though, you wouldn’t be able to find the 38 wins they had in their legendary 2007-2008 season, but find the number 0 in the collum next to wins, instead. The Tigers had to forfeit every single of their 38 wins because Derrick Rose cheated.

Rose kept quiet throughout the whole ordeal, and ended up leaving Memphis after his freshman year, to head to the NBA. He did not face any consequences, but his school paid the price.

He went on to become the first pick of the 2008 NBA Draft, quickly became an All-Star and the youngest MVP in NBA history, before losing his knees.

Derrick Rose is a cheater and liar who betrayed his school and fans, with zero regard for the consequences. Today, Rose is a role-model to millions around the globe, but has just gotten into this position because of his cheating.

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17 Responses

  1. t says:

    Why do “you ALL” do this to peoples lives? “YOU’RE” one of the main reason that people feel like they cannot face their problems head on, then decide that living in a world where people “like you ALL” judge and disrespect is not worth any more PAIN.

  2. tavares Chandler says:

    Don’t put all on d.rose he had help

  3. Georgia Aranda-Lewis says:

    Who the HELL CARES!!!! And what’s the purpose for the story now? Nothing can be changed. GO ON!!!! Probably not the first, and won’t be the last.

  4. D Rose II says:

    He did what he had to do to. He had a dream and he acheived it. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

  5. Zay says:

    So what he got there cause he can basketball not because he was smart I don’t get this

  6. Kevin says:

    I was wondering if this article was a script for a new sitcom appearing on fox…. it’s hilarious at the end it says that Rose is a liar and cheater with no regard for Memphis. The school raked in close to 100 million that season and the players weren’t paid their fair share. Clowns write articles like this but do nothing for society. During Roses stinky in Chicago he gave a lot to a community hell bent on tearing itself apart. His affect on the community was more significant as an NBA MVP rather than a coulda been. But I guess it’s more important to not cheat on a test.

  7. Raheem Johnson says:

    Look, I’m sure you’re a perfect citizen yourself, and more importantly, you were a perfect citizen when you were 16, 17, and 18 years old. Yes, what Rose did was wrong, and I was actually shocked when I read this as I never knew; however, what’s arguably much worse than what he did is to do something like you’re doing and exaggerating the morality issue behind a 17 year old kid doing what THOUSANDS of other kids have done too. Honestly, the way you’re shaming him, it really makes me wonder what is it in *** YOUR past that YOU’RE HIDING / LYING ABOUT / COVERING UP*** People are people. It’s those of us who act as if they are of some elite society of moral excellence, when in fact, they’re just human like everyone else, flawed, full of mistakes, etc
    …THOSE are the people who are USUALLY the biggest offenders…

  8. Cyn says:

    KARMA he’s paying the price NOW..

  9. Atorr McReynolds says:

    Fuck you who ever wrote this so what he cheated. I would do anything to make lots of money for my family. Hop of his dick sick and find some good news. Tf

  10. Richie says:

    Every one has a story… Well done Rose.

  11. Corey Washington says:

    Where’s the proof? You have to give them your ID’s. There should be video footage of whoever took the test for him. I noticed that you didn’t give the name of the person that supposedly took the test for Rose. Besides, he didn’t stay at Memphis for an education. He used college basketball and college basketball used him.

  12. William says:

    Butthurt college nerd who got bullied by him??

  13. Joshua says:

    You can thank the previous commissioner for this by forcing kids to go to school when they would rather go straight to the NBA.

  14. Nate says:

    Get a fucking life and worry about your own sht rather then trying to dig up dirt on somebody else only haters do that sht….

  15. J says:

    Do you think he came up with this on his own?!?! Lots of adults took part in guiding him this way including Memphis!! But you want to only want to attack him! Do you have any idea how much colleges make of athletes!? They new exactly what was going on.

  16. Joseph says:

    Of course… lets be mad at D rose and not all the greedy people (of various ages) that helped him. There had to be tons of NBA and even College recruiters helping, why is this not a factor. He probably got off without a word because it wasn’t even his idea to cheat the SAT. In addition, being from Chicago, society probably sucked the hope out of him that he would ever succeed in those SAT tests anyway. We also are not going to talk about how these SAT test are extremely biases and the fact that his schools and neighborhoods probably did not have the resources to make him anywhere near close enough too prepared to take those tests… Didn’t D Rose go to Simeon like I know whoever wrote this wouldn’t send they kid there. I’m glad he was able to finesse the system. If he did not then where would he be…… These tests just keep low-income minority students down anyway. Matter a fact, who wrote this article. Had to have been the most unwoke, hating mf

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