Michael Jordan Had To Travel To Las Vegas To Bring Back Dennis Rodman During The 1998 NBA Finals

Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons /Allsport

Michael Jordan Had To Travel To Las Vegas To Bring Back Dennis Rodman During The 1998 NBA Finals


Ever since the premiere of ESPN Films and Netflix’s joint production ‘The Last Dance’, a 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, the basketball world hasn’t stopped talking about Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and their teammates.

In ‘Good Morning America’ we were now granted a sneak peek at the third episode. In this third episode, that will air this coming Sunday, the long-awaited, full story of Dennis Rodman’s infamous Las Vegas trip during the 1998 NBA Finals will be revealed.

After acting like a model citizen during a Scottie Pippen injury absence, Rodman had to blow off some steam once Scottie returned. This led to Rodman asking for a Las Vegas vacation. Phil Jackson gave him 48 hours, and when he told Michael Jordan about it, he wasn’t too big of a fan of Rodman’s Vegas absence, fearing they might never see him again:


“Phil called me and said ‘Dennis wants to tell you something’. When Dennis wanted to tell me something, I knew it was not something that I f***ing wanna hear…”

“Phil, you let this dude go to vacation, we not gonna see him. You let him go to Vegas, we definitely not gonna see him.”




Well, it turns out that Michael Jordan was right, leading to him flying to Las Vegas to bring Rodman back himself. Per Yahoo Sports:


“He did not come back on time,” Jordan said. “We had to go get his ass out of bed, and I’m not going to say what’s in his bed, where he was, blah, blah, blah.”

“There’s a knock on the door and it’s Michael Jordan,” Rodman’s ex-wife, Carmen Electra, said. “I hid. I didn’t want him to see me like that so I’m hiding behind the couch with covers on me.”

“Dennis came back and joined the team and that’s the way it went that year,” Phil Jackson said.


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