“Fire Darvin” Chants Echo Through Crypto Arena As Lakers Struggle In Game 3


The Los Angeles Lakers faced a pivotal Game 3 against the Denver Nuggets in their first-round playoff series, but the atmosphere at Crypto.com Arena was anything but celebratory. Instead, frustration and disappointment hung heavy in the air as Lakers fans directed their ire at one man: Coach Darvin Ham.

The Lakers had a chance to turn the tide after a heartbreaking Game 2 loss, but their hopes were dashed once again. The game started promisingly, with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the squad coming out strong against the Nikola Jokic-led Nuggets. However, questionable coaching decisions by Darvin Ham disrupted their rhythm, leaving fans bewildered and angry.

As the Nuggets secured their lead and victory seemed elusive for the Lakers, the crowd erupted. “Fire Darvin!” echoed through the arena, reverberating off the rafters. It was a collective cry of frustration, a plea to the front office to take action. Lakers faithful, who had endured 11 straight losses to the Nuggets, had reached their breaking point.



In response to Anthony Davis’s comments after Game 2, Coach Ham defended his coaching staff. He emphasized that NBA Playoffs basketball is unpredictable, and sometimes plays don’t unfold as expected. “I have incredibly talented coaches,” he asserted, “and we pride ourselves on being highly efficient and organized.” But the scoreboard told a different story, with the Lakers falling 105-112 once again.

With the Lakers down 0-3 in the series, Coach Ham faces a critical juncture. The “Fire Darvin” chants persist, and the pressure mounts. Can he rally the team for a comeback? Lakers fans are skeptical, demanding accountability and results. The next game could be his last chance to prove that he and his staff are up to the task.

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