Skip Bayless Claims He Was An MVP And Team’s Leading Scorer Before A High School Coach Destroyed His Confidence


Everyone knows the loud and outspoken NBA analyst Skip Bayless. He’s been a key figure in NBA media for so long that his takes and narratives have shaped many people’s views on NBA players. While he often irks people, there’s no denying his popularity and impact in the basketball media world.

While Bayless is particularly known for his role in the media, his life before he became a famous media figure remains largely unexplored. In a recent podcast, he revealed more about this lesser-known part of his journey.

Focusing on his background as a former basketball player, Bayless claimed that he was once an MVP and his team’s leading scorer until he suffered repeated demotions from his high school coach that led to him losing his confidence. 


“Then came tenth grade, and then came a legendary coach at my high school. I don’t know why, but he just did not like me…and right away, he demoted me and demoted me and demoted me some more. He destroyed my confidence.”


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