European Basketball Coach Zvezdan Mitrovic Says Victor Wembanyama Wouldn’t Have Survived The Old NBA


Victor Wembanyama is validating the hype and putting everyone on notice. So far this season, he has been dominating on both ends of the floor with averages of 19.9 points, 8.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocks per game on 46.0% shooting from the field.

What sets the 19-year-old rookie apart is his versatility for someone who stands at 7-foot-4. He is more than just tall. He can handle the ball well, shoot from deep, move like a guard, and cover a lot of ground with ease. This rare combination of skills and frame is why he’s viewed as a generational talent and a future all-time great.

However, while it is widely recognized that Wembanyama is a star-in-the-making in today’s NBA, it is interesting to consider how he would have fared in the old NBA, where centers were the dominant force on the court.

To be frank, European basketball coach Zvezdan Mitrovic believes that Wembanyama would have struggled in the old NBA, especially against established NBA enforcers like Charles Oakley.


 “Imagine Charles Oakley guarding Wembanyama. One contact and he goes back to Paris.”


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