Stephen A. Smith Names Five Players With The Most Pressure To Win A Championship This Year

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith


As the league gears up for the second-half of the season and the NBA playoffs nears reality, some players are bound to face more pressure to win a championship than the others. Stephen A. Smith, who’s never lacking in hot takes and intriguing opinions, has recently touched this topic.

Appearing on “First Take”, the outspoken NBA analyst revealed his list of the five players with the most pressure to win a championship this season. Making the list were Chris Paul, James Harden, Jayson Tatum, Nikola Jokic and Kawhi Leonard.

Smith spoke in great lengths to make a case for each of his choice. Some of his choices were surprising to say the least, but the 55-year old analyst seemingly hit the nail on the head when talking about CP3, who is now joined by two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant in Phoenix.


“One of the greatest point guards to have ever graced the basketball court. We all know what Chris Paul brings to the table, but here’s the deal. Even though you were in the Finals a couple of years ago, one would argue you’ve never had a better chance than now,” Smith said.

“The bottom line is this: the Phoenix Suns have the tools. One could easily argue they’re the favorites to come out of the West,” Smith said. “If Chris Paul–assuming he’s healthy–is in this lineup, with the weapons that he has available to him, there is no excuse for the Phoenix Suns not to be in the Finals.”


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