Rick Fox Hilariously Joins In On Kyle Kuzma And Spencer Dinwiddie’s Feud

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Yesterday, we reported how Kyle Kuzma absolutely destroyed his former teammate Spencer Dinwiddie, dropping an entire thread about him, after the later initiated the feud by throwing some major shade on Kuzma during his appearance on FanDuel TV.

Kuzma’s thread then led to yet another response by Dinwiddie. 


“He resorted to some name-calling, “Dinshittie”, which is something that the last time I heard of I was 10 years old… The biggest thing here was, it’s like a theory from 8 Mile… the way, Eminem approached the final battle, if you approach it with truth, what is there to hide, so there’s nothing there…

…We don’t get mad at Rick Fox for winning a championship with Kobe & Shaq. Some people are blessed, and that’s great. We can’t act like Rick Fox led them to the championship.”



Since Dinwiddie mentioned Rick Fox, the man himself joined the discussion. This is pretty funny.


Hello Spencer Dinwiddie, nice to meet you. Thanks for the introduction ~ this is a photo of the 3 Captains that Phil Jackson chose to lead his Lakers Teams to Back2Back2Back Championships ~Who is Rick Fox? I AM #TheOther #TheEnforcer KEYS: #DefenseWinsChampionships


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