Shaq’s Hilarious German Accent Impression While Talking About The Wagner Brothers


In a post-game interview that left viewers in stitches, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal showcased his comedic chops by delivering an unforgettable German accent impression. The subject of his playful banter? None other than the Wagner brothers, who had just put on a stellar performance during Game 4.

Before we dive into Shaq’s antics, let’s take a moment to appreciate the Wagner brothers’ impact on the court. Moritz Wagner and Franz Wagner have been making waves in the NBA.

Their recent gold medal win for Germany at the 2023 FIBA World Cup cemented their status as rising stars. The brothers’ chemistry and skill set have been instrumental in Germany’s success, and their teamwork has been nothing short of remarkable.

After the Magic’s Game 4 win over Cleveland, Shaq was in high spirits. As the cameras rolled, he leaned in, adjusting his oversized glasses, and began his hilarious impersonation. His deep voice took on a melodious German lilt, and it was too hilarious.


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