NBA Champion Scot Pollard In Need Of Heart Transplant: “Waiting For A Donor”

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In basketball, some players may not bask in the spotlight as much as superstars, but their contributions are nonetheless significant. Scot Pollard, a journeyman center who graced the hardwood for several NBA teams during his career, and who won a championship with the Boston Celtics, is one such player whose impact transcends the box score.

From his early days at the University of Kansas to his role as a key rotation player in the NBA, Pollard’s journey is a testament to hard work, versatility, and the invaluable role of unsung heroes in the world of basketball.

While, aside from his Survivor participation, it has gotten quite around Pollard in recent years, we’ve now received some tragic news regarding his person, as he is in need of a heart transplant.

Pollard is suffering from a genetic issue that was triggered by a flu-like virus he contracted in 2021, the same thing that happened to his father who passed 30 years ago.

Per CBS News:


“I’m a goer, I’m a doer,” he said. “Not good at sitting around, never have been. So, that’s been a challenge for the last three years.”

His family is finally ready to open up about their struggles.

“We went back and forth about letting people know about this. It’s come to its head and I think it’s really important to talk about it,” his wife Dawn Pollard said. “It’s kinda cathartic to get his story out.”

They want to raise awareness around the importance of donor lists and getting checked early.

“He’d always had his heart checked through playing and even in retirement. It just came on kind of out of nowhere,” Dawn said.

“[The] surgeon here basically said for my size and my blood type, which is O-positive, the most common, that hurts my chances of getting a heart, mostly because of my size,” Scot said. “There are about 10,000 extra beats a day so it’s like I’m always walking uphill even when I’m sitting down.”



Scot Pollard’s basketball journey began at the University of Kansas, where he played a pivotal role for the Jayhawks. His tenacity, rebounding prowess, and shot-blocking abilities caught the attention of scouts and set the stage for his entry into the NBA.

Selected by the Detroit Pistons in the first round of the 1997 NBA Draft, Pollard embarked on his professional career. 

Pollard found a notable role with the Indiana Pacers, where he became an essential part of the team’s rotation during the early 2000s. His physical play, defensive contributions, and team-first mentality endeared him to both teammates and fans alike.

The Sacramento Kings represented a significant chapter in Pollard’s career. As a member of the Kings, he played alongside stars like Chris Webber and Vlade Divac, contributing to the team’s deep playoff runs in the early 2000s.

Scott Pollard’s versatility as a player was a hallmark of his career. Whether it was providing tough defense, crashing the boards, or playing a supporting role off the bench, Pollard’s commitment to the team’s success was unwavering.

Pollard continued his journeyman career with stops in various NBA cities, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and others. In 2008, after winning his first and only NBA championship with the Boston Celtics, he announced his retirement from professional basketball, leaving behind a legacy of hard work and dedication.

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