‘Light The Beam’ Has Become The Sacramento Kings’ New Identity 

‘Light The Beam’ Has Become The Sacramento Kings’ New Identity 


The Sacramento Kings’ home arena is called the Golden 1 Center, but it is also referred to as “The Beam” due to its distinctive roof structure.

Up until this season, the Beam solely was the unique architectural feature of the Golden 1 Center that extends from the arena’s facade out into the surrounding plaza. It consists of a series of steel beams that curve upwards and form a dramatic canopy over the entrance to the arena.

But at the start of this season, the Sacramento Kings have made the beam something very special that has since become a part of the franchise’s identity.

Whenever the Kings win a game, whether that be at home, or on the road, it is ‘Light the Beam’ time in Sacramento, after the plans of Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, and Kings president of business operations John Rinehart.

Per NBC Sports Bay Area:


The Kings’ victory beam, powered by four purple lasers that sit atop Golden 1 Center’s grand entrance and light up the sky above the downtown Sacramento skyline after every team win, was unveiled earlier this season, and has taken on a life of its own with fans.

“I just like the notion that this just goes into outer space,” Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé said in a Thursday interview with NBC Sports California. “It goes farther than the human eye can see. As a tech guy, having four lasers beaming into outer space is kind of cool.

“I want aliens to see it,” Ranadivé jokingly added. “I want it to go so far out that everyone can see it.” …

The beam is the brainchild of Kings president of business operations John Rinehart, and was inspired by the Los Angeles Angels’ “Big A” sign in the parking lot of Angel Stadium in Anaheim. After every Angels win, the halo at the top of the “Big A” lights up to let people passing by know that their favorite baseball team was victorious that night.


The “Light the Beam” event has since become a popular tradition in Sacramento and is attended by many fans of the Sacramento Kings. It is a fun and exciting way to show support for the team and celebrate its success.

The Kings are currently on track to make the playoffs for the first time in 16 years – the longest drought in any of the big leagues – and their new Beam culture has definitely helped to team to have its best season in well over a decade.

Due to its success, the Beam can now be found on Google Maps as a place of worship.


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