Voice Of The Celtics, Mike Gorman, Retires After 43 Years As Play-By-Play Announcer


As the final buzzer sounded in the TD Garden, an era came to a close not just for the Boston Celtics, but for the world of sports broadcasting. Mike Gorman, the voice that had narrated the highs and lows of the Celtics for 43 years, signed off for the last time. His departure marks the end of a storied career that has left an indelible mark on the franchise and its fans.



Gorman’s journey with the Celtics began in November 1981, and over the decades, his voice became synonymous with Celtics basketball. His calls of the games were not just mere play-by-plays; they were the soundtrack to the Celtics’ most memorable moments. From Larry Bird’s legendary performances to the recent triumphs of the modern team, Gorman’s voice provided a consistent thread through it all.

His final game, a dominant Celtics victory over the Miami Heat, was a fitting tribute to his career. The Celtics’ 118-84 win was not just a series-clinching moment, but also a celebration of Gorman’s contribution to the sport. The fans at TD Garden gave him a rousing ovation, and Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla, who grew up listening to Gorman, made it a point to shake his hand and express his gratitude.




Gorman’s legacy with the Celtics is not just about the games he called, but also about the connection he forged with the fans. His catchphrases, like the iconic “Got it!” after a successful shot, became part of the Celtics lexicon. His partnership with the late Tommy Heinsohn created one of the longest-running duos in sports broadcasting, and together, they brought the game into the homes of millions, making cold Boston winters a little warmer with their commentar.

Off the court, Gorman was known for his professionalism and his dedication to his craft. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021, a testament to his impact on the game. His farewell season was celebrated by the Celtics and NBC Sports Boston with special broadcasts, tributes, and the declaration of April 14 as Mike Gorman Day in the City of Boston.



As the Celtics continue their journey in the playoffs, they carry not just the hopes of their fans but also the legacy of a man who has been their voice for generations. Mike Gorman’s sign-off may have been quiet and humble, but his voice will echo in the memories of Celtics fans for years to come. “So Boston, thank you. Goodnight,” he said, and with that, a chapter in Celtics history came to a graceful end.

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