Philadelphia 76ers And Michael Rubin Bought 2,000 Game 6 Tickets For Philly Fans


In an unprecedented move that has sparked excitement across the City of Brotherly Love, the Philadelphia 76ers’ ownership group, along with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, have come together to purchase over 2,000 tickets for the upcoming Game 6 against the New York Knicks. This grand gesture is aimed at ensuring that the Wells Fargo Center is packed to the rafters with passionate Sixers fans, creating an electrifying home-court advantage that the team desperately needs.

The decision to buy these tickets comes in the wake of a previous game where Knicks fans made their presence overwhelmingly felt at the Wells Fargo Center. Determined to prevent a repeat scenario, Rubin and the 76ers’ owners are distributing these tickets to local first responders, healthcare professionals, and various Philadelphia-based organizations.

Michael Rubin took to social media to express his enthusiasm and commitment to the Sixers’ cause, rallying the community to support the team in what promises to be a nail-biting encounter. “Let’s go Sixers — we can do this!!” Rubin exclaimed, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a home arena atmosphere that truly represents Philadelphia’s spirit.


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