Is The Door Closed On LeBron In Miami? Tim Hardaway Sr. Offers His Take


After suffering an early playoff exit this year, much discussion now revolves around 38-year-old superstar LeBron James, particularly whether he’ll return to the Lakers or move to another team.

LeBron has to decide on his player option for next season. Opting in keeps him with the Lakers. Opting out makes him a free agent, able to negotiate a new contract with the Lakers or sign with another team entirely. So far, signs point towards LeBron returning to LA, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about him being on a different team.

One intriguing idea is a return to the Miami Heat. The Heat boast an elite squad, and LeBron’s familiarity with coach Erik Spoelstra makes them a potential fit. On the other hand, LeBron remains a dominant force, making him a valuable asset to a team like Miami.

That idea might stay just an idea, though. Former Heat guard Tim Hardaway Sr. believes a LeBron-Heat reunion isn’t likely because team president Pat Riley may not welcome LeBron back after their previous breakup.


“That’s not gonna happen,” Hardaway said on The Carton Show. “After what happened back then, Pat Riley is not going to him.”


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