Kevin Love Fires Back At Jerry Colangelo: “F**k That!”

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Kevin Love Fires Back At Jerry Colangelo: “F**k That!”


After another another injury-marred season, Kevin Love had committed to play for Team USA in the Tokyo Olympics.

Love’s invitation then was the talk of town and led to some major criticism by Jalen Rose, who was upset at Team USA for being too afraid to send an all-black team to The Olympics, calling Love’s addition ‘tokenism’.

While, back then, Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo explained why they wanted Kevin Love on board, saying that international experience, his skillset and rebounding were needed, things sounded a lot different a couple of weeks later.

As you all know, Kevin Love eventually withdrew from the team in order to return to full form from a right calf injury that kept him out of a significant part of the NBA season. Colangelo then blasted Love, saying that he wouldn’t have seen the court had he ended up being part of Team USA.


“I didn’t think Kevin Love was gonna play. I wasn’t even sure he had much left to play. He reached out to us and said he was in shape and said he felt he owed us…

…Call it giving someone an opportunity. Someone who had equity with us. Guys who play for us get a little plus.”


Now, during the most recent episode of ‘The Shop’, Kevin Love fired back at Colangelo:


“There was no need to do that. He wanted something to point the finger at if they lost…

It was just wrong in so many ways. And for me I’m sitting up here and being the nice guy right now but honestly… F*ck that.”


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