Richard Jefferson: “If We Don’t Win A Championship, Then The Season Was Unsuccessful”

Photo Credit: Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images

Richard Jefferson: “If We Don’t Win A Championship, Then The Season Was Unsuccessful”


Some teams are happy to make the playoffs once in a while, some teams are building their teams to possibly reach the playoffs repeatedly in the coming years, and for some teams a season was unsuccessul if they don’t win the title.

One of these teams are the Cavaliers. The defending champion was able to cheat the gallows last night, winning Game 4 and staying in these Finals. But postponed isn’t canceled, and the way the Warriors played in the first 3 games, and the fact that the series is moving back to Oakland, does not increase the Cavs’ cances of defending their title.

Cavs veteran player Richard Jefferson spoke to Baxter Holmes of ESPN, telling him that if the Cavaliers will not end up winning their second straight championship, the season will be unsuccessful.


“I still do not feel like we’ve reached our potential. We’ve said it all along, if we don’t win a championship, then the season was unsuccessful. That’s it. It’s the same for them. It’s probably the same for three teams in this league every single year. And it’s true. If we don’t win a championship, it’s unsuccessful. Nobody would be surprised at the end of the day if before this series you said the Cavs won. No one would be surprised if someone said San Antonio won a championship at the beginning of the season. No one would be, like, mind blown. So for the three, four teams that are in that position, regardless of how it ends or whatever, if you don’t raise that banner the next year, then it was unsuccessful.”


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