Dillon Brooks Blames Fans And Media But Not Himself For His Perception As Villain

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images


Dillon Brooks has turned out to be one of the biggest villains in the NBA right now, as the Memphis Grizzlies swingman greatly enjoys sparking altercations, running his mouth and getting under the opponents’ skin.

In Game 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooks made a point to target Lakers superstar LeBron James by talking smack, annoying him and playing him physical. Brooks didn’t just limit his words to the court, but also found a way to take shots at the 38-year old forward after the game.

In Game 3, Brooks picked up a flagrant 2 foul and was ejected from the game after hitting LeBron in the groin area with 11:43 left in the third quarter.

Since it wasn’t the first time Brooks had hit someone in the private area, fans heavily criticized the Grizzies’ vocal glue guy. Brooks however seems to lack some self-reflection since he doesn’t understand why he’s portrayed as one of the NBA’s premiere villains. If we believe the man himself, it’s the media and the fans who are driving that narrative.


“The media making me a villain, the fans making me a villain, that just creates another persona on me.”


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