NBA Twitter Dubs Chet Holmgren and SGA’s AT&T Commercial ‘The Worst Ever’


In the world of sports endorsements, NBA players have often been at the forefront, starring in commercials that range from the hilarious to the heartwarming. However, not all advertisements hit the mark, and the latest AT&T commercial featuring Oklahoma City Thunder stars Chet Holmgren and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has sparked a wave of criticism from NBA fans, with some going as far as calling it the worst of all time.

In the ad in question the duo attempts to sing a parody of Christina Aguilera’s hit song “What a Girl Wants”.

The commercial begins with Holmgren and Gilgeous-Alexander leaving what appears to be a hotel. As they walk, they break into song, but their performance is far from the passion they display on the court.



Due the spot getting aired constantly during the playoffs, fans have started to absolutely hate it, with NBA Twitter tearing the commercial apart. But what do they say again? Any publicity is good publicity?!


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