Madison Square Garden Erupts In Loud ‘F**k Embiid’ Chants During Game 5 Tip-Off


In the heated atmosphere of the NBA playoffs, emotions run high, and rivalries intensify. One such rivalry that has captured the attention of basketball fans is between Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks. The animosity reached a crescendo during Game 5 of the series, where Knicks fans expressed their disdain for Embiid with loud and explicit chants right from the get go.



Joel Embiid, the high-scoring, highly controversial superstar of the 76ers, has emerged as a villainous figure in the eyes of New York fans. The hostility began early in the series and was palpable during Game 5 at Madison Square Garden. Every touch of the ball by Embiid was met with jeers and explicit chants, a response to his on-court actions and off-court comments that have stirred controversy.

The tension between Embiid and Knicks fans can be traced back to several key incidents. In Game 3, Embiid’s flagrant foul on Knicks center Mitchell Robinson was rightfully labeled as ‘dirty’ by Knicks players, fueling the anger of the fans. Embiid’s subsequent vow to win the series and his declaration of the 76ers as “the better team” only added fuel to the fire.

Embiid’s physical style of play has been a point of contention. His hard fouls and extracurricular activities on the court have been criticized by some as crossing the line. Moreover, his interactions with the crowd, including waving on the jeering fans after a technical foul, have made him a target for Knicks supporters.

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