Jason Whitlock Takes Vicious Shots At LeBron James, Lakers & Bronny: “First ‘Make-A-Wish’ Kid In The NBA”


Seasoned commentator, writer, and television personality, Jason Whitlock hasn’t produced the most positive headlines since his ESPN departure, not least due to going at numerous people, from Doris Burke, all the way to leading Finals MVP Nikola Jokic.

Now, following the Lakers’ playoff exit in round one against the Denver Nuggets, Whitlock was back at and absolutely went at LeBron James, the Lakers and Bronny James, saying the Lakers will likely make Bronny a ‘Make-A-Wish’ kid in the NBA.


“With the league’s all-time leading scorer, the franchise has advanced to the NBA’s biggest stage once in six years. This is a bad marriage. It’s showing all the signs…

When spouses realize, ‘Hey, this marriage is going sour,’ what do they do? One of the parties will go, ‘You know what will fix this? A baby… Let’s have another baby. That will fix it. Yeah that will rekindle the old spark that united us.

So guess what happened last night after the Denver Nuggets eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers Shams Charania reported that owner Jeanie Buss was open to adding LeBron’s unqualified son Bronny James to the Lakers’ roster. … They’re so desperate to keep [LeBron] they’re willing to make his son a Make-A-Wish kid in the NBA.”


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