JJ Redick Was Ejected From His Son’s Basketball Game

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


During his active playing career JJ Redick collected plenty of fines and technical fouls, with most of them relating back to feuding with referees.

Redick, who is mostly known for his deadly accuracy from behind the three-point line, and his ability to come off screens and create space for himself, often didn’t see eye-to-eye with the officials – something that apparently hasn’t changed after his retirement from professional basketball.

Redick was ejected from a youth basketball game his son was playing in, after having a run-in with a referee.


“I said to the ref, ‘Are you seriously not going to call a travel when you just called a travel on one of my kids?’ And he teed me up for that. That’s all I said. And as I was walking away, I just give him, you know, my sarcastic, ‘Are you serious?’ And he tossed me for that…

…This is the bullsh*t. I go to shake the kids’ hands, the coach’s hands, and I go to the referee. I’m like, ‘Why did you throw me out? I didn’t raise my voice to you, I didn’t step to you.’ And you know, he said what he had to say, which I respect. Whatever, it’s all good. And then, the other team comes over and starts taking pictures with me. So, he realizes who I am at this point. And then he sees my coach later that day, and he says, ‘Hey, will you tell JJ I’m sorry? I shouldn’t have done that.'”


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