Nick Young Wants To ‘Kill’ The Lakers Tonight

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Nick Young Wants To ‘Kill’ The Lakers Tonight


When the 2016-17 season ended, Nick Young seemed to finally have had enough of losing.

Having been a free agent this past summer, Nick Young decided to join the Golden State Warriors. Prior to this season, Young had won 203 games in his 10 year career. The Warriors have had 207 wins thoughout the last 3 years (not including this season).

Tonight, Nick Young will play his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, for the first time since moving up north along the California coastline. Even though ‘Swaggy P’ played for the Lakers for four years, he doesn’t seem to have feelings for his old team. In an interview with Mercury News, he said that he was ready to ‘kill them’.


“I’m going to go in and try to kill them guys. I’m going to be talking trash and just having fun. Those guys couldn’t make shots. I was passing, but they just couldn’t make shots. Here, we make a lot of shots.”


Young’s statement obviously isn’t to be taken seriously, and we’ll see if he’s really going to kill them. He should probably ask coach Steve Kerr for some additional minutes, because currently Young is only averaging 13.4 minutes per game. This isn’t enough time to kill an opponent if your name isn’t James Harden, Stephen Curry or LeBron James.

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