Draymond Green On Rudy Gobert: “Rudy’s Actually Not Trash Anymore. He Defends Now”


The Minnesota Timberwolves swept the Phoenix Suns to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Much praise has been heaped on young superstar Anthony Edwards, who averaged 31.0 points, 8.0 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game while shooting 51.2% from the field in the series.

With everyone talking about Edwards, Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green joined the conversation. But Green didn’t stop at Edwards, also mentioning Timberwolves defensive center Rudy Gobert.

It’s no secret that Green and Gobert have a well-known beef, frequently taking shots at each other whenever possible. The latest incident involved Green commenting on a situation where Gobert was seen throwing a punch at teammate Kyle Anderson.

Interestingly, Green took a complete 180 on Gobert this time, giving him credit for stepping up his game this season.


“What Anthony Edwards has taken those guys and done is absolutely amazing,” Green said in the episode that was posted Monday. “Like, Rudy’s actually [is] not trash anymore. He defends now and ironically, he [already is a] All-Defensive player. But I mean like, when you see him on the switches, he’s up at the level. He’s not just sitting back in the drop no more. When he gets switched onto the guy, it’s like his antennas pop on.”


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