Stephen A. Smith Feels The Pelicans Could Make A Run To The NBA Finals If Zion Williamson Stays Healthy


Even though Zion Williamson has had to deal with a lot of flak for his weight and injuries, he continues to leave an impression of a player not only capable of racking up a handful of All-Star nods but also as someone who has the potential to change the entire direction of a franchise.

His vital role on the New Orleans Pelicans is clear from the noticeable difference in winning percentages when he is playing and when he is not on the court. Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum have been solid for the team, but the Pelicans can only go as far as Williamson takes them. With him, the Pelicans win 50.9% of their games and only 42.3% in his absence.

Right now, everyone is paying attention to the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference. However, Stephen A. Smith is of the opinion that the Pelicans could reach the NBA Finals, assuming Williamson remains injury-free for the rest of the season.


“Jaren Jackson Jr. is an elite shot-blocker, and he had five blocks last night. He caught Zion a couple of times, but it still didn’t stop Zion from hitting 52–53 percent of his shots and scoring 23 points. He is an all-star; he is a game-changer. When he is healthy, the New Orleans Pelicans can get to the finals. He’s that lethal.”


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