Chandler Parsons Isn’t Sure Austin Reaves Can Improve Much More: “He Is What He Is”


The NBA has kicked off its 2023-24 season, and with it comes a wave of hot takes, controversial opinions and bold predictions. Right in the thick of things, former NBA player Chandler Parsons is taking a lead role in these discussions.

Ahead of the season’s start, Parsons quickly jumped in with strong opinions during his appearance on FanDuel TV’s “Run It Back.” Turning his focus to Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Austin Reaves, Parsons offered some opinions about him that many fans might not like.

Although Parsons said he likes Reaves and acknowledged him as a good role player, he doesn’t think Reaves have much more room to get better, suggesting that the popular Lakers guard is already performing at his peak.


“I love Austin Reaves. His ceiling is exactly what he is doing right now. I think his ceiling is him being consistent 15/5/5. He’s not a player who’s going to continue to get exceptionally better. It’s not like the potential is through the roof with him. He is what he is.”


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