Teammates Called LeBron James Out For His Negative Body Language And Behavior

Photo Credit: David Butler Ii/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

Teammates Called LeBron James Out For His Negative Body Language And Behavior


This past year’s offseason started with a bang, as the LeBron era in Cleveland had come to an end after James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. The balance of power in the East shifted due to the trade, as the Cleveland Cavaliers went from being a contender to becoming a lottery team. And in the West, so people thought, the Lakers have become contenders.

We all know better now! The Lakers didn’t improve from last season and missed the playoffs once again. Something that has become a reality for Lakers fans and players, but is a rarity for LeBron James. You can see it is bothering him, it has been bothering him all season long. His body language and actions at time gave it all away. Bron was sitting away from his teammates on the other side of the bench, wasn’t taking part in huddles and left his head hanging regularly. Per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the Lakers held a players-only meeting to discuss this season’s failures. One part of the meeting was directed at James, and his perceived negative body language, which apparently bugged his younger teammates the most. One team source told ESPN that they didn’t feel as though James fully engaged with the younger teammates prior to the trade deadline.”


“In what became an open forum, several players spoke up. Players focused on James’ inconsistent body language throughout the year. The four-time MVP copped to the critique, telling his teammates that, in essence, cutting out behavior like slumped shoulders and sideways glances has been something he has tried to work on his entire career.


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