Stephen Curry’s Hilarious Solution To Warriors’ Home Struggles


The Golden State Warriors have been playing a game of “home-court hide-and-seek” this season. While they’ve dazzled on the road, their performances at Chase Center have been more like a comedy of errors. But fear not, because Stephen Curry has a solution that’s as entertaining as his three-pointers.

Let’s face it: the Warriors’ home record has been about as consistent as a weather forecast in San Francisco. At 19-24, they’ve been more hospitable to opponents than a bed-and-breakfast owner during tourist season. In contrast to last season, where they shined at home and were awful on the road. The question is, why?

After another convincing road win on Friday, Curry addressed the media with a hilarious solution.


“We might need to stay in a hotel in San Francisco and act like it’s a road game. Like they do in football and stay in a hotel the night before. I don’t know what it is about the road Warriors. We’ve kept our season alive with our road performance. It means a lot, and with what it’s looking like, we’re going to have to do that to get into the playoffs. [It’s] something to rely on.”


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