Shannon Sharpe’s House Was Burglarized And Over $1M In Valuables Were Stolen

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


Football Hall of Famer and sports media personality Shannon Sharpe generated plenty of negative headlines this season, after he had an altercation with the entire Memphis Grizzlies team and Ja Morant’s father, Tee Morant, during the Grizzlies’ game in Los Angeles against the Lakers.

Now, Sharpe is back with some more negative headlines. This time however, he is the definite victim of the story. 

Sharpe’s house was burglarized last week, with the former tight end reportedly losing around $1 million worth of goods. 

The burglary took place on May 19, and Sharpe called authorities after returning from a dinner with friends. Sharpe told officers he was missing luxury watches, jewelry, and designer bags.

While no arrests have been made yet,  Sharpe has revealed that he’s offering a $50,000 reward for useful information on the case.


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