Kyrie Irving Rumored To Sign With Chinese Shoe Brand Anta

Photo Credit: José Luis Villegas / ASSOCIATED PRESS


Kyrie Irving’s relationship with Nike came to an end in December 2022, after the NBA star posted a link to an anti-Semitic film on social media. Nike suspended Irving and said it would not release his latest shoe, the Kyrie 8. A month later, the two sides announced that they had mutually agreed to part ways.

The incident that led to the end of the relationship began on October 28, 2022, when Irving posted a link to a film called “The Lie.” The film is a conspiracy theory that claims that the Holocaust was a hoax. Irving’s post was met with widespread condemnation, and Nike quickly responded by suspending him.

In a statement, Nike said that it “condemns any form of anti-Semitism.” The company also said that it was “deeply saddened and disappointed by the situation.”

Irving initially refused to apologize for his post, but he later issued a statement saying that he was “deeply sorry” for any hurt that he had caused. He also said that he did not believe that the Holocaust was a hoax.

Despite Irving’s apology, Nike decided to end its relationship with him. In a statement, the company said that it had “mutually decided to part ways.”

The end of Irving’s relationship with Nike is a significant development. Irving is one of the most popular NBA players in the world, and he had a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike. The loss of Irving was a major blow to Nike’s basketball business.

But when there’s money to be made, someone is always going to make that money, and Irving will be signing a new shoe and endorsement contract, soon, as rumored by himself. While Adidas and Puma could also be in the Kyrie sweepstakes, the point guard has now been rumored to sign with Chinese shoemaker Anta, the brand Klay Thompson is signed with.


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