Charles Barkley Is Actively Rooting Against The Brooklyn Nets

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Charles Barkley Is Actively Rooting Against The Brooklyn Nets


Charles Barkley not only is one of the funniest people in the entire NBA business, he’s also someone who has never minced his words.

During a conference call promoting his participation in the American Century Championship golf tournament, Barkley revealed that he is actively rooting against the Brooklyn Nets and explained why.

Per the New York Post:


“I’m not a fan of super teams. If they win it, they win it. But I want to make it perfectly clear — I’m rooting against those guys. I’m rooting against all super teams. I’m old school.

Even though we didn’t win a championship, the Sixers were worth watching when I was there. The Knicks were worth watching. The Pacers were worth watching when Reggie was there. Same with Atlanta and Dominique. So I just don’t think it’s good for business, but these young kids, they all fold to peer pressure and feel like they got to win a championship or their life sucks. . . .

I feel good about my legacy. I’m sure Patrick and John  and Karl do. LeBron started this super team thing and it’s the way the game is played.

The Brooklyn Nets got a much better team, but when they play it’s like a mausoleum. And they got a much better team,” Barkley said. “I want [the Knicks] because that place was on fire, and I’m hoping they keep getting better because that place was fire. I’ve been there when it’s been on fire. It’s great for the NBA that the Knicks are doing good.”


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