Pacers Snubbed? Tim Legler Claims ESPN Prioritized “Sexy” Teams Over Indiana


Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Tim Legler has sparked debate with a recent revelation about his experiences covering the Indiana Pacers. In an interview on the Ryen Russillo Podcast, Legler claimed that ESPN executives discouraged in-depth coverage of the Pacers, suggesting they lacked the star power and marketability to be considered “sexy” enough.

Legler’s comments point to a larger issue within sports media: the tendency to prioritize certain teams and storylines over others.


“I wish I had video of all the meetings I’ve been in this year at ESPN when I wanted to talk more about the Indiana Pacers. Particularly after they got [Pascal] Siakam…and it’s just not sexy enoughAnd we kind of didn’t talk about…

And I watch this team every night, and I’m going, ‘Gosh, that’s a fun style to play in.’ I envy these guys for being able to play in a system like this. But just how hard it is to guard, how hard it is to prepare when you have this many guys who can make shots. And they don’t waste one dribble. There’s not one wasted dribble on the part of the Indiana Pacers in the halfcourt.”



ESPN, like many media outlets, caters to a national audience. Bigger markets, like Los Angeles or New York, naturally generate more viewership. This can lead to a scenario where strong teams in smaller markets, like the Pacers, get overshadowed by teams with bigger names.

Also: Star Power sells! LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry are just a few examples of players who consistently draw viewers. Highlighting these stars and the teams they play for is a strategy many networks employ to boost ratings.

While some teams may be more exciting from a personality standpoint, the Pacers have consistently been a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference. Legler’s comments raise the question: should on-court success be a bigger factor in determining coverage, regardless of market size or star presence?

The Pacers example highlights a potential disconnect between media priorities and what fans might want to see. Indiana fans likely feel their team deserves more recognition, especially considering their consistent performance.

Legler’s comments have sparked debate online, with many fans voicing their support for smaller market teams. Whether this will lead to a change in ESPN’s coverage strategy remains to be seen. However, it has certainly ignited a conversation about fairness and representation in sports media.

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