Should The Los Angeles Lakers Pursue A Reunion With Brandon Ingram?


Brandon Ingram helped the New Orleans Pelicans reach the NBA playoffs this season, boasting averages of 20.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game on 49.2% shooting from the field. Despite his contributions, uncertainty surrounds his future with the Pelicans.

Eligible for a max contract extension in July, reports suggest the Pelicans might not offer him one. Additionally, there’s a growing belief they’ll explore trade options, making Ingram’s departure seem likely.

Considering this situation, should the Los Angeles Lakers pursue a reunion with their former No. 2 overall pick? After all, Ingram began his career with the Lakers before being traded as part of the Anthony Davis package. As the Lakers seek improvements for next season, two anonymous NBA executives believe Ingram might be a good fit.



“It’s an idea, if they’re willing to take the chance,” one Eastern Conference GM said. “Brandon as a third option with LeBron and Anthony Davis, it certainly makes them better, it gets them back to being a contender, or at least in that orbit.”

A Western Conference GM echoed this sentiment, “You keep him healthy, you’re careful with him, and he can carry you through. He is still young (Ingram is 26) … He is a wildcard. But we saw him, he played 30 minutes against Washington and put up 40 points. He did that twice (also against Toronto). When he is right, he is a devastating scorer.”


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