Refs Call Foul On Isaac Okoro For Being Landed On By Holmgren While Laying On Floor Motionless


Yes, rules are rules, but sometimes it is just blatantly stupid to execute them. 

One of these examples happened last night, during the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder. 

During a play, Isaac Okoro was badly elbowed in the face, which led to him laying on the ground under the basket motionless. While it clearly was a foul, there was no call and the game continued. This led to Chet Holmgren then landing on Okoro’s head, with the referees, to the surprise of everyone, calling a foul on Okoro, sending Holmgren to the line.

What is absolutely ridiculous unfortunately is backed up by the rulebook. Since the referees didn’t call anything to cause Okoro to be on the ground, he obtained illegal position by laying on the ground, leading to them calling a blocking foul, which, as stupid as that is, is a correct call.

Could have also called defensive three seconds tho…


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