Kendrick Perkins Advocates For The Los Angeles Lakers To Pursue James Harden


During the offseason, James Harden opted into his player option with the Philadelphia 76ers, aiming for a sign-and-trade deal. Yet, the 2023-24 NBA season has already started, and Harden remains with the 76ers.

At this point, it’s uncertain where Harden will finally land. Only a few teams are showing interest in him, and the Los Angeles Clippers, the team most frequently connected to Harden, have reportedly put their trade discussions on hold.

Adding to the discussions about Harden’s future, former NBA center and current analyst Kendrick Perkins has brought up the Los Angeles Lakers as a potential suitor for the 34-year old star. The player-turned-analyst believes that Harden could be a good fit for the Lakers as he could provide Anthony Davis with easy scoring opportunities.


“If I’m the Los Angeles Lakers, I might be looking to trade for James Harden,” Perkins said. “James Harden wants to go to the Clippers but, to be honest with you, [him] to the Lakers makes the most sense for Anthony Davis. If you want to get him good, easy looks like James Harden did for Joel Embiid last season, how about trading for him?”


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