ESPN Posts Doctored 2020 Interview From Damian Lillard As New Interview Following Bucks Debut

Photo via Daily Mail


On October 27, 2023, ESPN posted a doctored interview from Damian Lillard following his debut with the Milwaukee Bucks. The original interview was from the 2020 NBA bubble, but ESPN edited the video to make it look like Lillard was talking about his new team.

ESPN’s social media accounts posted the video with the caption “DAME DIDN’T COME TO MILWAUKEE TO WASTE HIS TIME ️.” The video showed Lillard saying, “I didn’t come here to waste my time.”



Fans quickly noticed that the video was doctored. The jersey Lillard was wearing was not a Bucks jersey, and the microphone he was holding was an ESPN microphone, not a Bucks microphone. Additionally, the court in the video did not look like the Bucks’ home court.



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