Paul Pierce Ranks Victor Wembanyama Among The Five Most Skilled Players In The NBA

Photo: Getty Images


A massive hype has consistently followed Victor Wembanyama, and it’s only grown stronger with his recent preseason performances. Fans and analysts are dropping hot takes and sharing all kinds of positive vibes about him.

Wembanyama has undeniably made his mark during the preseason, asserting himself both offensively and defensively. At 7-foot-4, he’s a matchup nightmare. Not only can he handle and shoot the ball with the finesse of a guard, but his great length also allows him to simultaneously protect the rim and cover the perimeter.

Given Wembanyama’s talent, it’s no surprise that Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce appears to be on board with the hype train. On “KG Certified,” Pierce lauded Wembanyama, placing him among the five most skilled players in the NBA. 


“Right now, today, Wemby is one of the top 5 skilled players in the NBA,” he said. “He has shown me the handle, he’s shown me the step back, he has shown me the lob, the pick and roll threat, the pick and roll, and the pick and pop threat. He has shown me he can get the ball in traffic and dunk on everybody.”


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