Al Horford Surprised That He Was Booed Coming Back To Atlanta

Photo Credit: Boston Herald

Photo Credit: Boston Herald

Al Horford Surprised That He Was Booed Coming Back To Atlanta 


After nine (more or less) successful years in Atlanta, Al Horford took his talents to Boston this past summer. Horford has always been a classy player, as well as a fan favorite in Atlanta. One of these things has changed. To put it simply, Al Hoford still is a classy guy!

When coming back to Hawks country for the first time, not wearing Hawks colors, Al Horford got booed. He was booed in pregame introductions, booed when he touched the ball and booed whenever he returned from a breather on the bench.  This was very surprising.

Horford himself didn’t take it all too personal. He said:

“They weren’t expected, but it is what it is, I know there’s a lot of fans out there that appreciated my time here, and I appreciate them.”


His new Celtics teammates, were slighty more offended though. Isaiah Thomas said:

You don’t boo a guy like that. You’re not turning down money like that. None of them people that are booing are turning down that money, so he went to a situation he thought may be a little better. Like I said, a guy like that, with that type of character, you can’t boo him. That’s disrespectful.”


Horford, showing all of his class again responded:

“They made a bigger deal of it than I did, I was just ready to play. I just appreciate their effort and everything they did.”



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