Paul George Says Los Angeles Clippers Were In A 5v8 Match Against The Denver Nuggets


There’s much to be upset about the Los Angeles Clippers’ 111-108 defeat to the Denver Nuggets in their season tournament game on Tuesday. A major concern for Paul George was the way the referees officiated the game.

Along with other factors, the Clippers managed just 24 free throws against the Nuggets’ 32 attempts, and it is obvious that George was displeased, as he didn’t hold back in his comments toward the officials in a postgame interview.

Per Fox Sports:


“I thought we played great. It’s tough, the adversity of playing against the extra three,” George said of the officiating. “I thought they were awful but, the defending champs, we’ve got to play better.


George put up 35 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists on 50.0% shooting from the field while making all 5 of his free throw attempts. Although he acknowledged that the Clippers needed to play better, he was adamant that the referees did a poor job in officiating him.


“So many times I got hit on layups, 3-pointers. It was constant. Jump shots, getting hit, smacked on the forearm. It was a poor job.”


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