Joel Embiid Blasts Sixers Fans After Game 4: Knicks Supporters Take Over Wells Fargo Center


In an unprecedented turn of events, the Wells Fargo Center, typically known for its raucous and passionate fanbase, was engulfed by a sea of Knicks blue and orange during Game 4 of the NBA playoffs. The New York Knicks supporters, undeterred by their opponent’s home turf, made their presence felt with unwavering chants and fervent cheers.

Joel Embiid, the heart and soul of the Philadelphia 76ers, didn’t mince words after the game. With a mix of frustration and disbelief, he addressed the unexpected turn of events.


“I’ve been here for 10 years,” the Sixers’ center declared. “And I’ve never seen anything like this. Yeah, it kind of pisses me off, especially because Philly is considered a sports town. Our fans have always shown up, and I don’t think this should happen. It’s not okay.”



Embiid’s sentiments echoed throughout the arena. The once-deafening cheers from the home crowd were drowned out by the relentless Knicks chants. Even former Knicks player John Starks, now a team employee, engaged in a spirited exchange with Embiid and Sixers fans.

The Knicks’ victory was punctuated by an “MVP” chant for their star player, Jalen Brunson, who set a franchise playoff record with an astounding 47 points. Brunson, appreciative of the Knicks faithful, acknowledged their unwavering support.


“Seeing the Knicks fans here is pretty cool,” he said. “It means they’re for real. No matter where we play, they’ll be there.”


As the Knicks secured the win, their jubilant fans spilled out of the arena, chanting “F–k Embiid” while stomping on Sixers merchandise.


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