Josh Hart’s Wife Upset Because He’s Playing Video Games With Jalen Brunson Right After Seeing Him On Court


New York Knicks stars Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson have been best friends since their college days in Villanova. 

This is why no-one was happier than Brunson, when Hart was traded to the Knicks before this season’s trade deadline. It also has been a huge success story for the Knicks, as Hart seemed to be the missing piece that potentially placed the Knicks as a contender.

After the finished off the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5, Hart revealed that his wife was mad at him when he arrived back home, because he started playing PGA Tour 2K23 with Jalen Brunson, immediately after seeing him on the court.

Per Audacy:


“I think his fiancé and my wife are a little annoyed sometimes. My wife got mad at me the other day. I was playing video guys, I was about to play with Jalen, and she was like, ‘Didn’t you guys just see each other?’ I was like ‘Yes, technically.’

That’s just how we are, man. We have a close relationship. We have a lot of mutual friends and family, and stuff like that. It’s fun, playing with my brother.”

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