Ice Cube’s BIG3 Makes “Historic” $5 Million Offer To Caitlin Clark


In an unprecedented move that’s stirring up the sports world, Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league has extended a $5 million offer to college basketball sensation Caitlin Clark. This offer is not just a financial windfall for the player but a statement about the value of women in sports.

Caitlin Clark has been turning heads with her extraordinary skills on the basketball court. As a guard for the University of Iowa, she’s shattered records and dominated the college basketball scene with her scoring prowess and leadership. Her impact on the game has been so significant that Ice Cube himself has labeled her a “generational athlete.”

The BIG3 league, known for its 3-on-3 format and attracting former NBA stars, is now looking to break new ground by bringing in a female player of Clark’s caliber. Ice Cube, co-founder of the league, has expressed his intention to shatter the glass ceiling by offering women head coaching positions and now, with Clark’s offer, a chance to play alongside male counterparts.

The $5 million deal is structured for Clark to play just eight games, with the potential for two additional playoff games if her team qualifies. This historic offer is designed to give Clark a platform to showcase her talents on a professional stage without conflicting with her WNBA draft plans.

As the sports community buzzes with anticipation, all eyes are on Caitlin Clark to see if she will accept this groundbreaking offer. Ice Cube has made it clear that the BIG3 is ready to welcome her with open arms, hoping to take the league into a “different stratosphere” with her presence.

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