James Harden Was Welcomed Back To Philly With Deafening Boos By Sixers Fans


Last night, James Harden stepped onto the court at Wells Fargo Center, only to be met with a cacophony of boos from the Philadelphia 76ers fans. The former Sixer, now a guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, was making his first appearance back in Philly since his high-profile trade demand and subsequent departure.

76ers fans fully unleashed their pent-up frustrations on Harden. Every touch of the ball by the former MVP was accompanied by a resounding chorus of disapproval.



Harden’s tumultuous exit from Philadelphia had left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans. His public dispute with Sixers president Daryl Morey and his refusal to play at the start of the season until the trade was finalized had turned him into a villain in the eyes of the once-supportive Philly crowd.


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