Jamal Crawford Says The Los Angeles Lakers Should Trade Anthony Davis


The Los Angeles Lakers are finally heating up, winning their last five games and climbing to a 41-32 record. Anthony Davis has been a major factor, averaging a dominant 28.8 points, 18.3 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game while shooting over 57% from the field during this stretch.

However, despite the Lakers’ recent success, former NBA player Jamal Crawford isn’t sold on their championship aspirations. Taking a bold stance, he doubts the Lakers’ ability to compete for a title this season.

In fact, Crawford’s skepticism doesn’t stop there. He goes a step further and suggests the Lakers would be better off trading Davis for some complementary players who fit LeBron James’ style.


“They don’t have enough to even compete right now…My thing is, if LeBron is still your best player at this point, I’m looking at trading Anthony Davis. You can get four or five pieces to go with him[LeBron]…That fit LeBron if LeBron’s still going to be your best player.”


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