Draymond Green On His Recent Ejection: “It Just Can’t Happen”


Draymond Green’s struggles with his emotions continue to plague the Golden State Warriors.  He’s already been ejected three times this season and faced an indefinite suspension earlier. Wednesday’s crucial game against Orlando wasn’t any different, as Green was ejected less than four minutes into the game.

Green got his first technical for arguing with referee Ray Acosta about a foul on teammate Andrew Wiggins. Instead of letting it go, the short-tempered player continued to engage with the official, resulting in a second technical and his subsequent ejection from the game.

The Warriors somehow pulled off the win without their defensive anchor. But Green himself knows the damage his ejections cause. Appearing on his own podcast “The Draymond Green Show,” he admitted that these mistakes can’t happen as they fight for a playoff spot.


“It just can’t happen,” Green said. “I said what I said. I deserved to be kicked out at that point. If I’m all the way honest with y’all, kind of was trying to turn my body and angle it to go to the bench, but I said what I said a little too soon before angling my body. … But, yeah, it just can’t happen.”


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