Lou Williams: ‘Lakers Traded Me Because I Refused To Tank’

Photo Credit: Adam Pantozzi/Getty Images

Lou Williams: ‘Lakers Traded Me Because I Refused To Tank’


Lou Williams was the Lakers’ leading scorer, averaging 18.6 points per game, while with the team this season. He was traded to Houston at the end of the trade deadline, nontheless.

Williams now said, that the Lakers traded him because he refused to tank.



Williams was gust at the ‘Timeout with Taylor’ podcast and said:


“It’s because fans don’t know. It don’t make sense.¬†(for players to tank). That’s probably what got me traded. That Tweet probably did it to me, looking back, in hind site. It’s an interesting dynamic. It’s like thin ice because, as a competitor, you want somebody to come in that’s gone help take it to the next level, but then it’s like, ‘You play my position though’!”


It is common for NBA teams to tank, in order to increase their chances of landing a top pick in the NBA Draft. The Philadelphia 76ers are a prime example of that. But you can also understand where Lou Williams is coming from. New players take away roster spots, for current players, so why should a veteran player lose on purpose, for something that might threaten his career?!

The Williams to Houston trade played out great for both sides though. The Lakers got a first-rounder in exchange, and ended up with the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft. Lou Williams got to play for a contender and helped¬†the Rockets to reach the Western Conference semifinals.


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