Jaylen Brown Heaps Prays On Jrue Holiday: “His Will Is Unbreakable”


As the Boston Celtics gear up for Game 3 in Dallas, the atmosphere during media day was charged with anticipation and respect. Among the many voices, Jaylen Brown’s stood out as he showered his teammate Jrue Holiday with praise, reflecting the camaraderie and mutual admiration that has become a hallmark of this team’s journey through the playoffs.

Brown, known for his articulate and thoughtful demeanor, took the opportunity to highlight Holiday’s contributions to the team. 


Gotten to know Jrue a lot. Jrue is, like I described it in the beginning of the season, he’s like an assassin. He just has a will and a might about him, how he plays, that he’ll die on the battlefield. I’m the same. You recognize that and you respect that.

His will is unbreakable. He’s going to show up. He’s going to be there. He’s going to be in the fight with you. I’ve been against him on the other side, so you could feel it. You could feel like this dude’s not going anywhere.

I think that’s where the respect for me and him, just being opponents, but now him being on the same team, it’s an honor. It’s been an honor to be his teammate because of how he carries himself. His willingness to sacrifice, his willingness to adapt, and then be successful where he’s adapting to.


Holiday’s ability to overcome adversity and shine in crucial moments has not only earned him the respect of his peers but also galvanized the team’s spirit.

The mutual respect between Brown and Holiday is a testament to the culture of excellence that the Celtics have cultivated. 

As the series progresses, the Celtics’ unity and collective resilience, exemplified by players like Brown and Holiday, will undoubtedly be key factors in their quest for the championship. Their shared commitment to excellence and support for one another shines as a beacon for aspiring teams, proving that basketball is indeed a game won by the strength of the team as much as by the prowess of the individual.

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