Isaiah Hartenstein Shares Hilarious Reactions Of Players Finding Out He’s Black


Isaiah Hartenstein, the center for the New York Knicks, recently made headlines with his appearance on ‘The Roommates Show’ podcast, where he discussed his racial identity and the reactions it elicited from his teammates and opponents. Hartenstein, who is of mixed race, shared that his father is black, which came as a surprise to many due to his fair complexion.

In the podcast, Hartenstein humorously recounted the change in interactions with his other players upon this revelation. He likened the shift to a skit from the comedy show Key & Peele, where the handshake changes once people realize he’s black. His teammate, Josh Hart, also chimed in, expressing his astonishment and changing his own greeting to Hartenstein.



This moment of candidness from Hartenstein sheds light on the complexities of racial identity, especially in the context of sports where such personal details often remain private. The conversation has sparked discussions on perceptions of race and the importance of understanding and acknowledging one’s background.

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