Dear DeMar – A Letter To DeMar DeRozan

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Dear DeMar,

Man, what can I say. I hate this business sometimes, I really do. I’m still trying to process all of this, trying to picture sitting inside Air Canada Center with the starting lineups announced and your name not called, it hurts, it hurts a lot. It just isn’t right.

I was reading a quote from Dwyane Wade earlier today after he heard about the trade, and something he said really stuck out to me. When speaking about you he said that sport and loyalty should never be in the same sentence because they’re two different worlds. I must admit, these situations shows that no matter how disappointing that is, he’s absolutely correct. It’s a shame, but that’s the sporting world we live in today. Some embrace it, but for the people that go through it, it’s a truly horrible experience. You were as loyal as they come, and looked what still went down.

The outpour from your fellow ball players and athletes in general was eye opening. Everyone was on your side, and was hurting to see what was done to you. I would be angry as well, no one can blame you for that nor will they ever.

What you gave the city of Toronto goes beyond basketball. Basketball is merely a game but your imprint on the city will last far beyond your career. The city loved you, the fans adored you, and you kept the city relevant when it’s so easy to be forgotten in the world of sports. For a hockey town, you made basketball everything, and I’m sure all those images of ‘Jurrasic Park’ during the playoffs will live long in the memory. It’s those special moments that despite all the bad experiences, make this job worthwhile sometimes.

I’ve seen players calling for a statue of you outside Air Canada Center, and I’d definitely vouch for it. You would be well deserved and a tribute to what you sacrificed for the city. You know, not many stars would be proud to call Toronto home, to rep the city and the franchise at every opportunity, but you were different. You were unique.

This probably isn’t going to get any easier over time, but I hope as the dust settles on this situation, you can find solace in understanding you’ve been traded to a storied franchise which has a chance to win titles with you. Sometimes, that can be comfort when dealing with pain and betrayal. The Spurs faithful are going to embrace you, just like the Raptors fans did for all these years. I know you’re going to flourish under a great system and head coach, and I wish you nothing but the best moving forward in your career.

This is tough, all I can say is thank you a million times. Your time in Toronto will never be forgotten. Whatever happens we still love you and always will DeMar. But for now it’s goodbye from Raptors nation.

Never forget, We The North.

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