Egg McMuffin: $3.50 – Evan Turner’s Mc Donald’s Rant

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Egg McMuffin: $3.50 – Evan Turner’s McDonald’s Rant


Portland Trail Blazers’ Evan Turner went to McDonald’s yesterday and found out that an Egg McMuffin costs $3.50 these days. He could not believe it and went on an Instagram rant against McDonald’s saying:


“When the hell did the Egg McMuffin start costing $3.50? Just gonna sneak that right by us, huh? Ya’ll worried about Trump, they out here raising prices to McDonalds. Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be out here motivating youth and telling them to stay the course in society knowing damn well they out here charging $3.50 for Egg McMuffins. How can I talk to them with any type of conviction…?”

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